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Why do you need a wedding grooming consultant?


Tue Apr 30

On your big day, you ought to look and be your best! Bridal shopping, hair, makeup, skincare and also the selection of an outfit that blends with that of the grooms are the most crucial aspects, that often take a backseat amidst the macro arrangements of venue, food, invites, etc. For their wedding day, it is imperative for the couple to pay attention to personal grooming (which is often pushed until the 11th hour). This is when an Image Consultant specializing in wedding grooming can play a vital role.

Zohra Chitalwala, a renowned name in the Image consulting space has recently launched India’s first Wedding Grooming Consulting service under her company, Image2Image Zo’s Consultants. She has profound expertise spanning 9 years in image consulting- advising clients/individuals on beauty, fashion, communication, etiquette, hair, skin, fitness, and personal style. Zohra as a wedding & grooming consultant plays the most vital role concerning the couple’s personal grooming, etiquette, and body language through her new venture.

If you aspire to opt for the best designer outfit for your day, then Image2Image can give you a plethora of options from top-notch celebrity designers to skilled upcoming designers and help you get the right ensemble, irrespective of your budget. Not only does Zohra advise you the best-suited outfit depending upon your body type, ethnicity and preference, but she also guides and accompanies you to the right source for your wedding shopping. Right from the selection of the right kind of hair and makeup professionals to skincare and nutrition advisors, everything is care taken under their offerings. Zohra is extensively connected with a robust network of fashion and beauty professionals across the country, through her experience of training over 500 professionals from across industries.

Also as the bride and groom, your behavior, mannerisms, and etiquette are constantly under the lens. For aspects right from how to meet & greet your guests to dining and exchanging pleasantries, Zohra would train you for the best practices through her personal consultation.

One always aspires for the perfect fairytale wedding. However, time and budget constraints, with little or no access to information and contacts may hinder you from making the right choices. What could be better than having a whole team of experienced professionals to manage these extremely important details, end-to-end and get the best deals in the most convenient manner!


About Zohra Chitalwala

Zohra is an image consultant who has trained over 500 individuals for image management, grooming, and etiquette. She is the only image consultant in India to win the Philanthropy award 2016/17 form International Image Consulting Association. A bachelor in English literature (American & British), Zohra is a globally recognized and certified Image Consultant.

She is a humanitarian, having worked with juvenile boys and girls to help them improve on basic manners and etiquette, thereby transforming many young lives. Looking at her work, she was bestowed with the Philanthropic Award at the conference in Mexico. Through her skills in image management, she has changed the lives of many including Regina Paci’s girl’s shelter homes, Seva Sadan girls shelter homes, Government aided schools. She has recently been doing workshops with Dawoodi Bohra community to help groom young boys coming from small villages and towns, as also dining and etiquette workshops with Customs and Narcotics commissioners NACEN.

Since the very beginning, Zohra has been interested in helping people and society to conduct themselves properly in an orderly fashion. That is how she nurtured the idea behind Image2image Zo’s Consultants, starting the venture in 2009.

She has designed her own modules in Social and Life skills for teenagers and young adults to help them enhance their personalities with skills which are needed globally besides their academic achievements.

With her latest stint in wedding grooming consulting, Zohra envisages opening work avenues for aspiring beauty and fashion professionals across the country. This is her endeavor to bring organization in the industry and make ‘wedding’ a signature experience for a couple, as it is supposed to be!

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