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The Picturesque

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 Maya Complex Pitam Pura,,Delhi NCR-110034,India

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The Picturesque

Delhi NCR

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The Picturesque is a team of passionate photographers who are specialized in capturing special moments. They are based in Delhi and have vast experience of over 20 years in this industry. Under the leadership of Sunny Gupta and Anju Gupta, the team thrives to put a smile on the client’s face by their excellence and dedication towards work. The Picturesque team has mastered both candid and traditional photography with cinematography. The team believes in creating a fun and cheerful work environment and does not shy away from creativity. With vast experience, new techniques, and raw emotions, The Picturesque team is always excited to create memories from their new assignments.   Camera Work: * Candid Photography * Cinematography * Creative Photography * Creative Videography * Traditional Photography * Traditional Videography * Drone Shoot * Live Edit & Play * Live Telecast on Facebook & YouTube For All Occasions: * Wedding * Pre-wedding * Birthday * Anniversary * Engagement * Maternity Shoot * Baby Shoot * Portfolio/Fashion Shoot