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Jumping Souls

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 Jumping Souls,F2,Surbhi Housing CHS,Violem Bhatt,Merces,Goa-403005,India

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Jumping Souls


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Emotions, bonds of togetherness, and special moments create a tale for all ages. We are the storytellers that capture such magical tales! Every wedding is a new story, each special in its own way. Through our organic documentary-style film making, we narrate the story of your love through an intertwining of visual creativity and technical expertise. From grins of bubbling excitement and anxious waits to nervous smiles and unbridled joy, we narrate the story of your most memorable moments through our unobtrusive presence. We work with everyone involved - from the master of ceremonies to the lighting vendor, if need be, to ensure the conditions are unmarred for filming your big day. We are the first to arrive and the last to leave, documenting your day with candid shots and real-time interviews, all done with sensitivity and revere for your momentous occasion. Our joy lies in freezing the narrative of your love forever.