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L'Elegant Royal Banquet

1300 per plate | Mayur Vihar

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  District Centre Mayur Vihar,Delhi NCR-110091,India

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L'Elegant Royal Banquet

Delhi NCR

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L'Elegant Royal Banquet situated in Delhi NCR is a lavish setting for wedding celebration. Supplied with extravagance and a rich vibe, it has a lovely structural plan and the inside and outsides show sovereignty and modernity. Eminent nourishment and propelled administration to improve your experience is the thing that they have practical experience in guaranteeing each festival is a victory. With a dedicated and skilled staff they offer refreshing and very suitable environment where you can create the most special memories. With their ultimate services and location, it is an ideal venue for a variety of celebrations. elegant Royal Banquet offers. exquisite space for your wedding festivities. They have in-house providing food administrations and offer lavish non-veggie lovers and vegan menus arranged by expert chefs. They likewise give a rundown of decorators to you to browse who change the setting according to your needs and topic. Over this, they have an arrangement for in-house DJ administration making everything perfect.