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Photo Vivah

On Request | Shalimar Bagh

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 Shalimar garden,Delhi NCR-201005,India

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Photo Vivah

Delhi NCR

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R Rishabh Gupta

Reviewed 1 day ago

LOTS OF PHOTOS: They took about 1000 of photos in auto focus mode. RESULTS.. you will not like maximum of them | Repetitive photos | Blurred photos | Overexposure Underexpose photos A WORK FOR YOU TO PICK DIAMONDS IN TRASH: And among tons of TRASH photos, where most of them FACE | BODY | DRESS blurred.. they gave you the work to choose the ones you want to add some effects to ENJOY YOUR FILTERED PHOTOS: And the after EFFECTS in your photos is the worst thing you will see.. no matter where hard and soft tones should use.. he applies the same filter to all the photos.. RESULTS.. 1 hand being black and the other light colored | dress color will change from blue to black. UNPROFESSIONAL: And the most irritating thing once he took 70%-80% of the payment, he will NEVER PICK UP YOUR CALL. And after it always have lot of excuses, FULL OF LIES for the deliveries. LACK OF CREATIVITY: They don't know to cover the whole area in your function like Gathering, Dinning, Dance, Decor Area etc. Even I booked 1 extra person who can hold other activity but they all stuck in same area. RESULTS.. All camera setups have same photos (only your face). Cheers!!! SUPER DELAY IN SERVICES: You should expect a delay of around 10 MONTHS to 1 YEAR in the delivery. COST IS SUPER EXPENSIVE LIKE A PRO BUT END RESULT IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO IT



Photo Vivah is a photography service based in Delhi/NCR and is renowned for its wedding pictures and films. It offers various styles of photography to create impressive images of festivities, beauty and fun. Photo Vivah is a company which is customer-oriented and professional; it is willing to extend its services to any part of the country and also abroad. Its professionals are focused on authentic expressions and situations to deliver high-quality pictures and videos.