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Rynaa Makeovers

Starts 15K | West Delhi

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 delhi,Delhi NCR-110044,India

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Rynaa Makeovers

Delhi NCR

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Rakshaa Goel is a professional makeup artist in Delhi with incredible expertise and dedication towards her work. She is very passionate about how her next look is going to be completely different with her magic wand. She works truly like an artist and treat one like a beautiful canvas and if you’re an artist you know how important it is for them. Rakshaa has learned the art of makeup from Ashmeen Munjal Star Salon and DS Divya Makeovers. 5 years being in the industry she has been working and earned some loyal clients. Rakshaa is very conscious of what she is using on her beauty canvas, she has all big brands which is best for the skin. Her imagination is what she puts it out and she has gained a lot of appreciation from it.