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Sanjoy Mahajan Photography

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 169/28/2 n.n road kolkata-700028,Kolkata-700028,India

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Sanjoy Mahajan Photography


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Hello folks. I am the man behind the camera and here’s a little bit about me. My tryst with photography began in 2008 when I decided to capture the essence of the country during my extensive travels. The rich and vibrant culture gave me the first boost of inspiration to venture forth into the Wedding photography scene. I believe that weddings are a perfect reflection of the diverse traditions in our country. With their values and ideals they bring forth a perfect symphony and the best way to capture that spirit is through pictures. While my transition to the wedding photography scene has been quite recent, I have had a successful and fulfilling journey. Before this, I worked in the field of Instrumentation Engineering for 4 years after graduating in 2011. In my line of work, travel was an integral component. This has been a big factor in influencing my style of photography. It changes from colorful and fun to edgy and creative, depending on the subject. While some pictures need a soothing compositio, others demand a traditional approach. I always make sure that the photograph is in tune with the moment and that all the components balance out to bring forth the perfect tone.