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Story Monk

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 haus khas,Delhi NCR-110022,India

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Story Monk

Delhi NCR

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Shilpi, the founder and creative director of Story Monk has worked as a photojournalist with various lifestyle magazines and newspapers. Kash, the co-founder of Story Monk is known for his contemporary outlook on creating art through his work. Both, Shilpi and Kash love meeting new people and discovering their stories through their lens. Quite often, they’ve become lifelong friends of their clients. Story Monk is based in Delhi NCR. The team behind Story Monk love covering weddings, for weddings tell stories, which they can capture through their camera. Weddings encapsulate the entire gamut of human relationships and emotions such as joy, sorrow, happiness, elation and so much more. If you want your wedding pictures to tell your story through images and make you get in touch with all the emotions you felt at that time, then the team at Story Monk is just the right photographers for you.