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 374, GV Residency, Link road, Sowripalayam,,Coimbatore-641028,India

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The Fhoto


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Life is NOW. A smile on a face; a tear of joy; a wink of success are a few emotions that define our work. My journey started as a boy toying with a plastic camera and since then I have been obsessed with seeing the world through my lens. The sweet transformation though, from being a business analyst by profession to a romantic artist of life happened sometime in 2012, and since then words like passion, obsession, addiction, etc mean only one thing - PHOTOGRAPHY. Personally, I have remained a man of few words by nature, a little introverted I must confess, but, I more than compensate for this with my photographs, my angles, and my passion about painting the canvass with the happiness of human engagements. A dewdrop on a leaf, the grey clouds in the blue skies, the lovely orange of the sunrise, the coy smile of a bride, the expression of the soul on the faces of men silently reflecting their heroic toils and dreams have never failed to catch our attention. We understand that every moment you enjoy is lost in the pursuit of another and that's where we come in. What we produce is a library of your most cherished memories, colored with the spontaneity, intensity, and beauty of love.