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 23/15 Naktala Lane,Kolkata-700047,India

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Wedding Photo Creators


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Y Yash majumder

Reviewed 2 years ago

Best people. Very Professional best work..thankyou wpc..Very satisfied..



Wedding Photo Creators was started by Jashwashi Das Majumder, Subhajit Chakraborty and Arijit Lahiri in early 2014. They are also regarded as one of the finest destination wedding photography team in India having shot weddings in all the top destination wedding venues is India. The team has done Wedding photography and wedding films in Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Goa and many other places. We have also done work in Thailand, Nepal,Bangladesh, Malayasia, Dubai and Kenya. Currently Wedding Photo Creators has a team of young professionals who comprise the core photography and cinematography teams. Cinematographers from our team focus on providing a touching wedding film which captures the true exposures of the place, the couple and the event. The perspective is a lot similar to their photography team in engaging as family members with the client and shooting the event successfully. Since their inception, they have done over 200 weddings. It's a great achievement for them considering the fact that they started in late 2014 and have covered weddings from almost every part of India, almost every community in India. Wedding Photo Creators focus on customer’s service and adding colors,values to their events. According to them “ We capture moments which are gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” Indian weddings are indeed the reflection of our rich cultural heritage. Initially we started clicking people, nature, mountains, forests and also urban and rural life. When we started at a very early age as school students it was hard to understand the importance of marriage. Indian weddings to us were people wearing colorful traditional and modern clothes. Eventually when we understood the beauty of relationships we became wedding photographers. It’s not just capturing people but it’s a way in which an artist tells a story of some lovely people to the world. Each and every ceremony, be it a wedding or a birthday is a step further to celebrate love, kindness, family ties and also respecting each and every role that we play in life as son, brother, husband etc. Every wedding has a special story behind it, a celebration of life and a new relationship. Our team of Candid Wedding Photographers is dedicated to capture the special day of your life. Starting from the marriage rituals, dance to the small pranks we carefully capture every moment. We are a dedicated team of young, dynamic candid wedding photographers offering wedding photography services with all modern equipment to ensure perfect and beautiful wedding photographs and to make your wedding day memorable throughout your life.