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Weddings By Photo Sid

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 Vasco, bogda,Goa-403802,India

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Weddings By Photo Sid


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An established photographer in the wedding industry in Goa, Siddesh Mayenkar was pulled towards the genre for its varied emotions and colors that light up the new life of a married couple. The talent to play with images and creating the right photographs comes naturally for him. Born in a family of artists in Vasco, he was inspired by his father's passion for photography and was taught to operate the camera from a young age. Moreover, he was fascinated with the power of the camera to freeze the simplest moment for eternity. To turn his passion into a profession, he completed a Bachelor's in Fine Arts in Applied Art at Goa College of Art, Altinho, Panjim before moving to Mumbai to pursue a Diploma in Fashion Photography at the National Institute of Photography, Mumbai. From entertainment, business to everyday events, he worked for three years learning the fine nuances of capturing every genre of photography. During this time, he participated in different photography competitions and exhibitions and winning the Goa State Award for photography. Yet he felt something was amiss and decided to start his own firm as Siddesh Mayenkar Photography in 2014. Since then, he took up different assignments like weddings, commercial advertising, and food photography for resorts in Goa. His greatest motivation is his client's love for his work and the ap preciation his team receives from them. He has a dedicated team that has been working towards the highest standards in photogra phy. Freezing memories for a lifetime and handing them over to their clients gives him and his team a lot of satisfaction and that's the best to put a smile on someone's face. It's been 8 years since they started out and have been going strong. Their team is learning and their work is a proof of their hard work and experience