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Terms & Conditions
  1. These terms and conditions (“Terms”) govern the use of services made available on or through and/or the SETMYWED mobile app (collectively, the “Platform” and together with the services made available on or through the platform ( SETMYWED & both owned by Wishtap Internet LLP ). These terms also include our privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”), and any guidelines, additional, or supplemental terms, policies, and disclaimers made available or issued by us from time to time (“Supplemental Terms”). The Privacy Policy and the supplemental Terms from and integral part of these Terms. In the event of a conflict between these Terms and the Supplemental Terms, the Supplemental Terms will Prevail.

  2. The terms constitute binding and enforceable legal contract between SETMYWED (A Product Owned by Wishtap Internet LLP, ABL WORKSPACE, F-2, Sector 8, Noida, 201301, UttarPradesh and its affilates (“SETMYWED”, “we”, “us”, or “our”), and any Service Provider or any Vendor or and Individual/ Customer or both the Vendor and the Customer (“You”) who is using this platform as the case may be according to the requirements or nature of activity done on or through this platform. By using the Services, you represent and warrant that you have full legal capacity and authority to agree and bind yourself to these Terms. If you represent any other person, you confirm and represent that you have the necessary power and authority to bind that other person to these Terms.

  3. For further clarification a service provider or a vendor is a person / firm who is providing Pro Services. A customer or an individual suggests anyone who is using the services given by the vendors. The term ‘User’ denotes anybody (Vendor or the customer as the case may be) who is using this platform.

  4. For your ease of reference, we may publish or provide you with a copy of the Terms in languages other than English. However, if there is any discrepancy in the language or meaning between the Terms drafted in English and a copy of the Terms in a language other than English, the Terms drafted in English shall prevail.

  5. By using the Services, you agree that you have read, understood, and are bound by these Terms, as amended from time to time, and that you will comply with the requirements listed here. These Terms expressly supersede any prior written agreements with you. If you do not agree to these Terms, or comply with the requirements listed here, please do not use the Services.

  6. We urge you to think before you upload, submit or embed content. This agreement permits you to upload to, submit to or embed on the SETMYWED services only photos or other content that you own the copyright to or otherwise have the right to publish. By uploading, submitting or embedding photos or other content that you do not own the copyright to or do not otherwise have the right to publish, you may subject yourself to legal liability. It is your responsibility to ensure you have adequate rights to publish to the SETMYWED services all photos and other content you post. Those photos can be used by SETMYWED for your promotional purpose.

  1. Services

    1. The Services include the provision of the Platform that enables the vendors to open an account and get Leads pertaining to wedding and ancillary activities as per there subscription package purchased. The services also include providing a catalogue of information of service providers or Vendors who are providing relevant wedding and ancillary activities/ services to the User searching for it through or on this platform. The platform also offers subscription package for the vendors for providing Leads of the Users searching for wedding and ancillary services. The number of leads to be provided to the vendors will depend on the subscription package purchased as the case may be.

    2. The services rendered by the Vendors are referred to as "Pro Services". Our "Services" do not include the Pro Services, and SETMYWED is not responsible for the provision of Pro Services. SETMYWED and its affiliates do not employ the “vendor” or any other Service Professional, nor are Service Professionals the agents, contractors, or partners of SETMYWED or its affiliates. Service Professionals do not have the ability to bind or represent SETMYWED. Any person or User searching for the professionals or Vendors providing wedding and ancillary services will solely be liable for using the services (“pro services”) given by the vendors. Vendors are also solely liable for any transaction made with the User. We as a platform only provides user leads to the vendors and vice a versa and are not liable for any transaction or dispute pertaining to quality of the services provided by the vendors, fees charged for those particular services selected by the Users or for non-payment of services by the user or cancelling the booking made through this platform etc and the list is not exhaustive.

    3. The Platform is solely for your commercial use and is intended for use only within India.

    4. A key part of the Services given by SETMYWED as platform is the ability to send text messages or email or any other mode, in connection with leads, utilisation of the Services, or as a part of its promotional and marketing strategies. While you (“Users and Vendors”) may opt out of receiving these updates through different modes as above mentioned by contacting SETMYWED at, you agree and acknowledge that this may impact SETMYWED ability to provide the Services (or a part of the Services) to you.


    1. SETMYWED provides customer with a list of wedding service providers such as wedding photographers, wedding decorators, wedding caterers, bridal makeup artists, mehndi artist, wedding jewellers, honeymoon packages, gifts, wedding pundits, DJS, wedding car, wedding venues, etc.

    2. Based on geographical location and several other parameters including price range. Website / App is a one-point solution for arranging all the wedding related services.

    3. Website / App also provide the facility of creating wedding website to couple along with a complete information about the wedding service and wedding related products facilitators like banquets, catering etc a complete advertising model.

    4. Customer acknowledges that the Website / App is a platform wherein the vendors list their product and services and as such SETMYWED does not verify the authenticity of vendors or confirm any statement or details provided by any of the vendors/service providers listed in Website / App and it is for the user to verify the credentials of the service provider and then finalize the deal with them. Under any circumstances, SETMYWED shall not be responsible for any service or goods assured to be delivered by the Vendor registered in our Website or App.

    1. To avail the Services through the Platform, you will be required to create an account on the Platform ("Account"). In addition to setting up a username and password for your Account, you will be required to furnish certain details and documents, including but not limited to your name, phone number, address, valid government issued identification, trade licences, and government approvals that permit you to offer Pro Services under applicable law.

    2. You warrant that all information furnished in connection with your Account is and shall remain accurate and true. You agree to promptly update your details on the Platform in the event of any change to or modification of this information.

    3. You agree that SETMYWED, may undertake your background verification, at your sole cost, to fulfil due diligence and safety obligations prior to the approval of your Account on the Platform, activating your full access to the platform, and permitting you to provide Pro Services through the Services. In addition, SETMYWED, through third parties may, at its sole discretion, at your sole cost, undertake such background verification from time to time thereafter. If you are registered on the Platform prior to the completion of the background verification, your registration on the Platform shall be contingent on your background verification report meeting SETMYWED standards (as SETMYWED may determine in accordance with applicable laws and its internal policies). You agree that your ability to have full access of the platform shall at all times be subject to your background verification reporting meeting SETMYWED standards. For the avoidance of doubt, SETMYWED takes commercially reasonable efforts to undertake background verifications of Service Professionals and is not responsible or liable for ensuring the safety, security, or welfare of the Services Professionals or the Customers.

    4. You may only own, operate, and possess one Account. If SETMYWED discovers or determines that you possess more than one Account, it will have the right to revoke, without notice, your access to the Platform and the Services.

    5. You are solely responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of your password and agree to immediately notify us of any disclosure or unauthorised use of your Account or any other breach of security with respect to your Account. You further agree that no person other than yourself has the right to access your Account and you will not share your login credentials with any other person. If SETMYWED reasonably determines that you have shared your login credentials with another person or allowed another person to access and use your Account, it may suspend or terminate your access and use of the Services without notice to you.

    6. You are liable and accountable for all activities that take place through your Account. We shall not be liable for any unauthorised to your Account.

    7. You agree to receive communications from us regarding (i) information about us and the Services, (ii) promotional offers and services from us and (iii) any other matter in relation to the Services.

    1. Vendor Partner(s) who have availed the Subscription Plan shall be entitled to receive a listing badge for added visibility. The Vendor Partner who has availed the Subscription Plan may also receive specific information on prospective customer leads which may include customer details and service requirements and agrees to conform to the following guidelines.
    2. The Vendor Partner is aware that the Website / App is only an online platform that enables customer to get information, check prices, view reviews and book best wedding services providers.

    3. The Company assures for listing the Vendor Partner on their App / Website for a particular tenure / duration depending upon the Subscription Plan opted by the Vendor Partner. The Vendor Partner is aware that the obligation of the Company will be fully discharged if they list the Vendor Partner on their Website / App for the mutually agreed duration.

    4. The Vendor Partner is aware that because of availing subscription plans, there is a possibility that customers who visit the Website / App looking for product or service offered by the Vendor Partner, may approach the Vendor Partner and if they are convinced on the quality of goods / service and the pricing, the prospective customers or user may provide business to the Vendor Partner. The Company will use algorithms to shortlist potential leads and share the same to the Vendor Partner during the subscription tenure. The Vendor Partner is fully aware that the Company has never assured for conversion of these leads into business and the Vendor Partner is fully aware that such conversions purely depend upon the requirements of the customers and SETMYWED has no role at all in such conversions.

    5. The Vendor Partner is also aware that the Company has informed that a tentative / indicative number of leads would be shared to the Vendor Partner during the subscription tenure and the Company will not be liable if the leads generated to the Vendor Partner are lesser than the indicative number or the quality of the leads are not good, or leads do not respond properly. The Vendor Partner is further aware that the subscription package is only for listing for a particular tenure on the Website / App and under any circumstances, will not seek for refund of the subscription charges citing lesser leads or poor-quality leads as reason

    6. A lead will include only information that has been input by the individual user, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties in writing. Any customer information provided to Company will be handled in accordance with Company’s privacy policy.

    7. The Vendor Partner shall be solely responsible to convert the leads into business and the Company shall only provide a Website/App for listing and does not guarantee any business confirmations/bookings. It is agreed that the contract for booking of any of the services shall be a strictly bipartite contract between the Vendor Partner and the customer.

    8. Vendor Partner will be able to list its services as agreed in the Subscription Plan offered by the Company. Company reserves the right to deny listing of a Vendor Partner Service on its Website / App if it is not satisfied with the quality of such service/goods supplied or receives multiple complaints from customers or third parties or infringes Intellectual Property rights of any third parties.

    9. The Company reserves the right to temporarily limit access to the Website/App if such action is needed for technical reasons such as upgrading, server integrity etc. This may make it difficult or impossible to access advertisements during that period.

    10. The Vendor Partner agrees to comply with such additional terms and conditions prescribed by the Company, including the terms of use and privacy policy of the Website/App, to avail the Subscription Plan services.

    11. Company may use mechanisms that rate or allow customers to rate Vendor Partner’s performance as a Service Provider on the Website and Company may make these ratings and feedback publicly available. The Vendor Partner further authorises the Company to display reviews posted about the Vendor Partner in other publicly available Websites such as Google reviews etc., on the Website.

    Wherever applicable, the Vendor Partner also has the option of availing Social Media Deliverables as an additional paid service and hereby accepts and agrees to the following conditions:
    1. “Social media handle “means and includes Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest owned and operated by the Company
    2. “Deliverable(s) means and includes any or combination of the following, Post, Story, Carousel, Album, Video, Reel, Blog post, Blog Mention, Blog Banners, Live Session, Highlight, Guide.
    3. The Company shall post the creative / art work / video as provided and confirmed by the Vendor and shall post the same as per the agreed Deliverables, in the identified Social Media Handle of the Company. The Vendor agrees that it shall be the sole responsibility of the Vendor to provide the creatives as per the requirements of the Company. If there is any delay in submission of creatives as required by the Company, the Company will not be liable to support the Vendor with the assured Deliverables.
    4. The Vendor shall be responsible for the contents of the Deliverables and confirms that the same shall be in due compliance with all the existing laws on this subject and there is no infringement of any trademark or intellectual property rights of any third party including that of the Company. In the event of any intellectual property violation, the Vendor shall be solely responsible for all costs and consequences and the decision of the Company shall be final and binding on the Vendor Partner in this regard.
    5. It shall be the responsibility of the Vendor that the contents shall not be in any manner related to the Company’s competitors or anything that affects the business of the Company.
    6. The Vendor Partner undertakes and agrees that if their Deliverables are affecting the Company’s business or against its business or called upon by any Competent Authority, or any statutory body or Court of Law to take down / remove the Deliverables from the Social Media Handle of the Company, the Company will be at full liberty to do the same and the Vendor shall be solely liable for all costs and consequences and shall forfeit any amount paid to the Company.
    7. The Vendor Partner undertakes and agrees that if their Deliverables are affecting the Company’s business or against its business or called upon by any Competent Authority, or any statutory body or Court of Law to take down / remove the Deliverables from the Social Media Handle of the Company, the Company will be at full liberty to do the same and the Vendor shall be solely liable for all costs and consequences and shall forfeit any amount paid to the Company.
    8. It shall be the sole responsibility of the Vendor to provide goods / services as per the contents displayed on the Deliverables to its customers and under any circumstances, the Company will not be liable and will not be any part of the dispute between the Vendor Partner and its customers.
    9. In case of any complaints against the contents for any intellectual property infringement or otherwise, the Company reserves its right to forthwith remove the content and intimate the vendor about removal of the contents from social media handles and the company shall not be liable for any further obligation till such time the complaint is withdrawn or amicably resolved.
    10. Under any circumstances, the Vendor shall not seek refund of subscription charges if the Company is ready and willing to perform its social media deliverables and failure on the part of Vendor Partner to provide the creatives enabling the Company to perform its obligations, shall void all the obligations of SETMYWED.

    1. LEADS:
      1. The Platform provides you only number of “Leads” as committed according to subscription you purchased.

      2. The Platform receives customer queries through their website, application, social media handles or Google Ads etc, where customer fill their basic details and requirements. After receiving the query SETMYWED official make verification call to customer, and confirms about their requirements.

      3. Then the platform shares this Leads to the relevant vendor providing the services which the customer was searching however the platform/ SETMYWED will not be held liable if provided leads not converted into bookings.

      4. If committed leads has not been delivered before the expiry of your subscription due to any reason, SETMYWED will extend the package till remaining leads were not delivered.

    2. PAYMENT:
      1. SETMYWED will not be held responsible for any payment made by “Customer” to “Vendor”

      2. SETMYWED will not be held responsible for any dispute regarding payment/ booking etc between the “Vendor and Customer/ individual”.

      3. SETMYWED will not be held responsible for any payment made by Vendor/Customer to "any individual", or "company other than SETMYWED". All Payments are to be made either in the Company Account (Bank Transfer), by cheque, or by Payment Gateway listed on platform.
      1. SETMYWED will refund the vendor subscription amount excluding GST, if the vendor informs SETMYWED with in 7days of purchasing the subscription that he does not wish to continue the services, Regarding the refund “Vendor” should intimate only on official email id of SETMYWED.

      2. SETMYWED will not make any refund of subscription amount to vendor after 7days from the date of purchasing of the subscription.

    4. Promotions:
      1. Your Promotion will be done in “The Bride Magazine” which is published both Online and Offline, along with that your promotions will be done on their Instagram handle too.

      2. Based on factors such as your ratings and reviews by Customers, SETMYWED may, at its sole discretion, from time-to-time offer (A) subscription packages or scheme and/ or, you may be entitled to certain benefits such as preferential Leads (i.e., Lead allocation on priority) and SETMYWED will promote you.

      1. SETMYWED may from time to time introduces schemes for high performing Service Professionals to be allotted preferential Leads. The parameters to determine a Service Professional’s performance shall include but not be limited to, service feedback received from Customers, proportion of Leads converted to, and other parameters as may be communicated time to time.
    1. SETMYWED prohibits discrimination against on the basis of race, religion, caste, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age, or any other characteristic that may be protected under applicable law. Such discrimination includes but is not limited to any refusal to provide the Pro Services based on any of these characteristics.

    2. We request that you treat all Customers with courtesy and respect. We reserve the right to withhold access to the Services at our absolute discretion if you behave towards any Customer in a manner which is discourteous, disrespectful, abusive, or which we otherwise deem to be inappropriate or unlawful.

    1. Our Platform may contain interactive features or services that allow user who have created an account or profile with us to post, upload, publish, display, transmit, or submit comments, feedback, ideas, or other content on or through the Platform.

    2. As part of the effective provision of the Services and quality control purposes, we may request reviews from you about Customers, and you agree and acknowledge that Customers may provide reviews about you to us. You must not knowingly provide false, inaccurate, or misleading information in respect of the reviews. Reviews will be used by us for quality control purposes, to determine whether Service Professionals are appropriate user of the Platform. If we determine at our sole discretion that you are not an appropriate user, we reserve the right to cancel your registration, and remove you from our Platform, subject to any fees that may be repayable in accordance with law.

    3. You grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, transferable, sublicensable, and royalty- free licence to (i) use, publish, display, store, host, communicate, distribute, make available, modify, adapt, translate and create derivative works of the User Content for the functioning of and in connection with the services and (ii) use User Content for advertising and promoting the Services.

    4. In connection with these Terms and the licences granted under this clause, you hereby waive any claims arising out of any moral rights or other similar rights relating to the User Content.

    1. You agree that we may, in accordance with our Privacy Policy, collect and use your personal data. The Privacy Policy explains the categories of personal data that we collect or otherwise process about you and the manner in which we process such data.

    2. In certain instances, you may be required to furnish identification proof to avail the Services or to provide the Pro Services, and hereby agree to do so. A failure to comply with this request may result in your inability to use the Services or provide the Pro Services.

    3. In addition to any consent, you may provide pursuant to the Privacy Policy, you hereby Consent to us Sharing your information with our affiliates or other third-party service providers. We may use information and data pertaining to your use of the Services for provision of the Services, analytics, trend identification, and purposes of statistics to further enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our Services.

    4. Subject to applicable laws, we may be directed by law enforcement agencies or the government and related bodies to disclose data in relation to you in connection with criminal proceedings. You understand and agree that in such instances we shall have the right to share such data with relevant agencies or bodies.

    1. The Platform may include services, content, documents, and information owned by, licensed to, or otherwise made available by a third party (Third Party Services and contain links to Third Party Services. You understand and acknowledge that Third Party Services are the sole responsibility of the third party that created or provided it and that use of such Third-Party Services is solely at your own risk.

    2. We make no representations and exclude all warranties and liabilities arising out of, or pertaining to, such Third-Party Services, including their accuracy or completeness. Should you avail a Third-Party Service, you shall be governed and bound by the terms and conditions, and privacy policy of the third parties providing the Third-Party Services. Further, all intellectual property rights in, and to Third Party Services, are the property of the respective third parties.

    1. You represent and warrant that all information that you provide is complete, true, and correct on the date of agreeing to these Terms and shall continue to be complete, true, and correct while you avail the Services. Should any information that you provide change during the existence of these Terms, you undertake to immediately bring such change to our notice. We do not accept any responsibility or inaccurate, or misleading, or if you fail to disclose any material fact.

    2. You shall extend all cooperation to us in our defence of any proceedings that may be initiated against us due to a breach of your obligations or covenants under these Terms.

    3. In respect of the User Content, you represent and warrant that:
      1. You will not provide feedback for services that you have performed in your capacity as a Service Professional;
      2. you are solely responsible for all activities that occur on or through your account on the Platform and all User Content;
      3. the User Content does not and shall not violate any of your obligations or responsibilities under other agreements;
      4. the User Content does not and shall not violate, infringe, or misappropriate any intellectual property right or other proprietary right including the right of publicity or privacy of any person or entity;
      5. the User Content does not and shall not contain any viruses, corrupted data, or other harmful, disruptive, or destructive files or content;
      6. the User Content does not and shall not violate any third-party rights; and
      7. the User Content does not and shall not violate any third party rights; and the User Content (A) does not belong to any other person to which you do not have any right, (B) does not threaten the unity, Integrity, defence, security or sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign states, public order, cause incitement to the commission of any cognisable offence, prevents investigation of any offence, or is insulting another nation, (C) is not defamatory, grossly harmful, blasphemous, paedophilic, invasive of another's privacy, discriminatory based on gender, ethnically objectionable, disparaging, relating to, or encouraging money laundering or gambling, libellous, hateful, racist, violent, obscene, pornographic, unlawful, harmful to children, or (D) is not otherwise offensive, objectionable, or restricts, or inhibits, any other person from using or enjoying the Services.

    4. You warrant that you shall not engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts the Services.

    5. You shall not attempt to gain unauthorised access to any portion or feature of the Services, any other systems or networks connected to the Services, to any of our servers, or through the Platform by hacking, password mining, or any other illegitimate means.

    1. All rights, titles, and interest in, and to the Services, including all intellectual property rights arising out of the Services, are owned by or otherwise licensed to us. Subject to compliance with these Terms, we grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub licensable, revocable, and limited licence to use the Services in accordance with these Terms and our written instructions issued from time to time. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved by SETMYWED or SETMYWED licensors.

    2. We may request you to submit suggestions and other feedback, including bug reports, relating to the Services from time to time ("Feedback”). We may freely use, copy, disclose, publish, display, distribute, and exploit the Feedback we receive from you Without any payment of royalty, acknowledgement, prior consent, or any other form of restriction arising out of your intellectual property rights.

    3. Except as expressly stated in these Terms, nothing in these Terms should be construed as conferring any right in, or licence to, our or any third party's intellectual property rights.

    1. The failure of SETMYWED to exercise or enforce any right or provision of this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. If any provision of this Agreement is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, the parties nevertheless agree that the court should endeavour to give effect to the parties’ intentions as reflected in the provision, and the other provisions of this Agreement remain in full force and effect.

    1. These Terms shall remain in effect unless terminated in accordance with the terms hereunder ("Period").

    2. We may restrict, deactivate, or terminate your access to, or use of, the Services, or any portion thereof, immediately, and at any point at our sole discretion, (i) if you violate or breach any of the obligations, responsibilities, or covenants under these terms, (ii) when you cease to become a user of our Services, (iii) you do not, or are likely not to qualify under applicable law, or the standards and policies of SERMYWED or its affiliates, to access and use the Services, (iv) violate or breach the Privacy Policy, or (v) for any legitimate business, egal, or regulatory reason.

    3. You may terminate these Terms, at any time, for any reason, by informing SETMYWED in writing, or by visiting the SETMYWED local city office.

    4. Upon termination of these Terms:
      1. the Account will expire, and you will not be granted access to your Account, or any
      2. the Services will “time-out”;

      3. Your right to participate in the Platform, including but not limited to, your right to offer Pro Services,

      4. all rights or licences granted to you under these Terms will immediately terminate;

      5. you will immediately destroy, or, at the request of SETMYWED, return, all SETMYWED data, trademarks, or content, in your possession or control; and

      6. these Terms shall terminate, except for those clauses that are expressly, or by implication, intended to survive termination or expiry.

    1. The Services are provided on an "as is" basis without warranty of any kind, express, implied, statutory, or otherwise, including without limitation the implied warranties of title, non-infringement, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. Without limiting the foregoing, we make no warranty that the Services will meet your requirements or expectations.

    2. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you from us shall create any warranty that is not expressly stated in the terms.

    3. You agree and acknowledge that we are merely a Platform that provides you leads, and we shall not be liable in any manner for any obligations that have not been explicitly stated in these Terms. To the extent a claim or a liability is not solely attributable to SETMYWED acts or omissions, We are not liable or responsible for Non-fulfilment of any bookings, for the non-performance of the Pro Services by you, or for your acts or omissions, during the provision of the Pro Services. All contractual or commercial terms in connection with the Pro Services are between you and Customers, and such terms may include without limitation, applicable taxes, transportation costs, payment terms, date, period, venue or services, warranties or guarantees related to the Pro Services, and customer satisfaction.

    4. You represent that you have obtained any and all necessary licences, permits, authorisations, and tax registrations required under applicable laws or in line with industry standards to offer and provide the Pro Services.

    5. You hereby accept full responsibility for any consequences that may arise from your use of the Services and your provision of the Pro Services to Customers, and expressly agree and acknowledge that we shall have absolutely no liability in this regard.

    1. If you wish to raise a dispute, claim, or conflict, which arises out of, or in connection with these Terms or the Services, you may make a complaint, or raise a dispute, through (i) contacting a SETMYWED official through Email, (ii) through the SETMYWED Professional helpline; (ii) focus group discussions regularly organised by UC in your city; (iv) through the complaints process operated by SETMYWED; or (v) through the grievance redressal procedure as provided in clause 18.

    2. In the event your dispute or complaint remains unresolved, the parties shall first attempt to settle their dispute through mediation, in good faith.

    3. Notwithstanding anything contained in this clause 16, these Terms shall be governed by, and construed and enforced in accordance with, the laws of India. Subject to other provisions in this clause, courts in Narnual (Haryana) shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all issues arising out of these Terms, or the use of the Services.

    4. In the event the parties are unable to resolve the dispute through mediation as described above within a period of 45 (Forty-Five) days from the date of reference of the dispute to mediation. any controversies, conflicts, disputes, or differences. arising out of these by reference in this clause. The tribunal shall consist of 1 (One) arbitrator mutually appointed by You and SETMYWED. The language of the arbitration shall be English. The parties to the arbitration shall keep the arbitration, including any documents, correspondence, orders, or awards issued by the arbitrator confidential and not disclose to any person, other than on a need-to- know basis, or to legal advisors, unless required to do so by law. The seat and venue of such arbitration shall be in Narnaul. The decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on all the parties thereto. Each party to the arbitration shall bear its own costs with respect to any dispute.

    1. You may contact our designated Grievance Redressal Officer with any complaints or queries relating to the Services, or these Terms, through registered post or through email, details of which are provided below:

      Name: Mr. Vishal Sharma

      Designation: Business Development Exceutive


      Address: F2, ABL Workspace Sector- 8, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India- 201301

      The Grievance office shall be available between 10 am till 6 pm Indian Standard Time from Monday to Friday excluding Sunday and public holidays in India. The Grievance officer is appointed as per Rule 3 (2) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021. Any and all complaints to the Grievance Officer shall be in writing. The Grievance Officer shall handle complaints in relation to the following violation by the User of computer resource as the User is not entitled to host, display, upload, modify, publish, transmit, store, update or share any information on the Website/App that –

      1. belongs to another person and to which the user does not have any right;

      2. is obscene, pornographic, paedophilic, invasive of another's privacy including bodily privacy, insulting or harassing on the basis of gender, racially or ethnically objectionable, relating or encouraging money laundering or gambling, or promoting enmity between different groups on the grounds of religion or caste with the intent to incite violence;

      3. is harmful to child;

      4. infringes any patent, trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights;

      5. deceives or misleads the addressee about the origin of the message or knowingly and intentionally communicates any misinformation or information which is patently false and untrue or misleading in nature;

      6. impersonates another person;

      7. threatens the unity, integrity, defence, security or sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign States, or public order, or causes incitement to the commission of any cognisable offence, or prevents investigation of any offence, or is insulting other nation;

      8. contains software virus or any other computer code, file or program designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer resource;

      9. violates any law for the time being in force.

    2. We shall ensure that your complaint is resolved within timelines prescribed by applicable laws.

    1. Changes to Terms: The Terms are subject to revisions at any time, as determined by us, and all changes are effective upon the expiry of 7 days of being posted on the Platform. You agree and acknowledge that 7 (seven) days is an adequate and sufficient time period for you to review the revised Terms and communicate to SETMYWED any disagreements you may have. It is your responsibility to review these Terms periodically for any updates or changes. You will be deemed to have accepted the changes made to these Terms if you continue to use the Platform following the expiry of 7 (seven) days of the Terms being posted on the Platform.

    2. Modification to the Services: Modification to the Services: We reserve the right at any time to add, modify. or discontinue, temporarily, or permanently, the Services (or ay part thereof), with or without cause. We shall not be liable for any such addition, modification, suspension, or discontinuation of the Services.

    3. Assignment: You shall not license, sell, transfer, or assign your rights, obligations, or covenants under these Terms, or your Account, in any manner, without our prior written consent. We may grant or withhold this consent at our sole discretion, and subject to any Conditions we deem appropriate. We may assign our rights to any of our affiliates, subsidiaries, or parent companies, any successor in interest of any business associated with the Services, or any third party, without any prior notice to you.

    4. Notices: All notices, requests, demands, and determinations for us ( Wishtap Internet LLP ) under these Terms (other than routine operational communications) shall be sent to

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